What is TBT?
TBT, TideBit Token is a Ethereum ERC20 standard Token issued by TideBit.
TideBit promises that TBT will never be increased, TBT will be bought back and destroyed each quarter by net profit from TideBit.
TBT holders can enjoy up to 20% discount on trading fees.
TBT Application Scenarios in its Ecosystem
Enjoy up to 20% off of trading fees when paying with TBT
Earn BTC
Lock TBT to earn BTC Rewards every 90 days
Stable and reliable with high return
Buy and sell TBT with HKD
Vote for the projects you support with TBT
Enjoy 1-1 service and exclusive benefits by holding a certain amount of TBT
TideBit Connect
Connect and fund top-notch blockchain projects
TBT holders will be invited to experience our new products before anyone else
Work together with TBT?
Email to [email protected], we will contact you soon.