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  • Depositing fiat currency
  • TideBit currently supports HKD and USD deposits. Deposits can be made through either check, wire, or cash to a user’s TideBit account. After successfully making a deposit, the user can check their balance and enjoy all the services provided by our platform.

  • Depositing digital currency
  • TideBit also supports Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) deposits to users’ TideBit accounts. At the digital currency deposit screen, users can input their wallet addresses or scan their QR codes and transfer funds to their TideBit account to make transactions.


  • Withdrawing fiat currency
  • After users input the transaction amount and their 6-digit google authenticator code, users can input any bank name, currency type, their bank region and account number. To complete the transaction, users simply verify again with their authenticator code, and the bank account balance will be updated! With TideBit, users can easily move HKD or USD from their TideBit account to their personal accounts.

  • Withdrawing digital currency
  • After binding their TideBit wallet, users can input the transaction amount and their 6-digit google authenticator code and move Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH) to their personal wallets. Users can also review all their deposit and withdrawal histories and transaction amounts.
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